• Thai Massage 3 Day Intensive Thai Massage 3 Day Intensive

    In this three day course you will learn how to perform a traditional Thai Massage in the supine and prone position plus the key to career longevity and satisfaction. I will share with you the ancient secrets that will enable you to Save your Hands, Breathe New Life Into Your Practice, and Increase Your Clientele! Upon completion of this course (plus a little home practice) you will be ready to add Thai massage to your menu of services or integrate it into your table routine. Additionally you will learn the history and theory of this ancient practice and the Sen (energy) line system of healing. A course manual and FREE DVD is included with your tuition.
    21 CEs for Massage Therapists NCBTMB & Florida

  • Thai Massage for the Table Thai Massage for the Table

    Amaze your clients with Thai Massage! In this course you will learn the theory, history, and benefits of Thai massage as well as many signature Thai massage techniques. This class is great as an introduction to Thai massage or a way to integrate Thai massage into your table routine. You will also learn body saving techniques that can be used in any massage. You will have the opportunity to observe, give and receive the techniques in class. You will receive a step-by-step handout with photos to take home.
    7 CEs for Massage Therapists NCBTMB & Florida

  • Thai Massage MASTER Class Thai Massage MASTER Class

    Prerequisites: Thai Massage 3 Day Intensive and Thai Massage Weekend Immersion. Have you taken both modules of Living Sabai’s Thai classes and hungry for more great Thai techniques? If so this is the class you have been waiting for! Take an advanced Thai course without having to travel to Thailand. This class is 100% hands on, no lecture or power point presentation. We will dive right in to some of the juiciest and most effective Thai Massage techniques. You will observe and trade several advanced sequences and then have time for free practice to learn how incorporate this new material into your current repertoire of Thai massage. You will also receive a manual to take home.

  • Thai Massage Weekend Immersion Thai Massage Weekend Immersion

    Thai Massage combines acupressure, passive yoga stretching, and deep compressions. Discover the ancient secrets of Thai Massage and how it will enhance and lengthen your career as a massage therapist. Learn a full body Thai Massage in the side-lying and seated positions. Also learn how to integrate the seated techniques into your chair massage. For those of you to desire to make Thai Massage a significant part of you practice consider also taking the Thai Massage 3 Day Intensive.
    16 CEs for Massage Therapists NCBTMB & Florida

  • Traditional Thai Foot Massage Traditional Thai Foot Massage

    In this simple and fun one day course you will learn the theory and practice of Traditional Thai Foot Massage from a Thailand trained instructor. Dating back more than 2000 years, Thai Foot Massage is a comprehensive and easy way to increase overall health, vitality, and relaxation. This modality combines the ancient practice of Reflexology and Thai Massage stimulating reflex points in the foot that correlate to organs in the body and working on “sen” lines to free up energetic blocks. Additionally, the client receives a therapeutic massage to the feet and lower legs to relieve soreness or fatigue. Different from other types of reflexology which can be painful for the client or hard on the therapist, Thai Foot Massage feels great for the client and is easy on the therapist.(No thumb walking!) This is great as a stand-alone treatment or an add on to your massage. A wooden Thai reflexology stick and manual is included with your tuition.

    7 CEs for Massage Therapists NCBTMB & Florida