Thai Massage Mat FAQs

What do I cover my Living Sabai Thai massage mat with?

Because our mats our made of durable canvas, we suggest covering the Thai mat with a blanket and then a full-size flat sheet. The blanket adds an extra layer of plush as well as reduces any noise of the sheet scratching against the canvas. Your clients will love it!

How do I clean my Living Sabai Thai massage mat?

Because our mats our made of durable water-proof canvas, there should not be much cleaning needed. Plus, your mat will be covered with a sheet while working on clients. As needed, wipe down with a moist cloth. If a major spill occurs, you can wash the cover. We have included a zipper so you can remove the case to wash it. Here are some instructions for washing a canvas case.

Will my Living Sabai Thai Massage mat work as a Shiatsu mat?

Absolutely! Our Thai massage mats are perfect for Shiatsu massage.