Thai Massage Training

Our Thai massage training program is made up of 6 unique CE classes. You can take our Thai massage classes in any order* and on your own timeline, according to your schedule and budget. (*Master Class requires prerequisites.)
Our Thai massage training classes are suitable for all levels so we welcome massage therapists with no prior Thai massage training and those who have studied with other schools. Each class in our training program provides a thorough foundation of theory and history and a proven method of hands-on practice so you leave ready to add Thai massage to your menu of services.

Thai Massage CE Trainings

Thai Massage 3 Day Intensive

Learn a full body Thai massage on the mat in the supine and prone positions and how to incorporate these techniques into your table massage. You will also receive an overview of Thai Massage theory, history, and principles. For those ready to get started practicing on the floor, this is the best class to start with. (21 CEUs)

Thai Massage Weekend Immersion

Learn a full body Thai Massage on the mat in the side-lying and seated positions. You will also receive a thorough overview of Thai Massage theory, history, and principles. While this class is suitable for beginners, whenever possible we suggest starting with the 3 Day Intensive. (15 CEUs)

Thai Massage for the Table

Curious about Thai Massage? This intro class is perfect for you. Learn Thai Massage theory, history and principles as well as several signature Thai Massage techniques that are easily incorporated into table sessions. You will leave this one-day class with a whole new approach to body mechanics that will save your hands. (7 CEUs)

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

Learn the traditional Thai massage approach to reflexology. Leave this one-day CE class with a whole new service to add to your menu as well as 15 and 30 minute “add-on” services. You will also receive a wooden reflexology tool to take home. (7 CEUs)

Thai Massage Master Class

This game-changing class will take you from a massage therapist who does Thai Massage to a “Thai Massage Therapist“. Learn advanced techniques, take a deeper dive into the cultural and spiritual aspects of Thai massage and how to design customized sessions for your clients. (16 CEUs)  (Prerequisites: Weekend Intensive & Immersion.)

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Take your massages to the next level by adding Thai Herbal Compresses (Luk Pra Kob). Learn why these have been used in conjunction with body work for centuries. Make your own compresses in class and learn how to effectively add them to your existing massage repertoire. (7 CEUs)

For those who want to go deeper with their Thai massage training, we offer an Advanced Thai Massage Certification and an annual Thailand study abroad trip .

Thai Massage Certification

We are here to support you on your journey to become an Advanced Thai Massage Practitioner. Our proven program will get you there. With no cost to you outside of the required courses and no deadline to finish, this program is the most affordable and flexible program around.

Study Abroad in Thailand

Continue your journey in Thai massage with the ultimate combination of culture and adventure while learning from the source on vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This trip is reserved for a select group of advanced level Thai massage students.  (Prerequisites: Weekend Intensive & Immersion.)

Praise From Our Students

I recommend Living Sabai’s classes all the time to therapists I know and meet. Thai massage has really helped with longevity of my work and body mechanics. I can’t wait to continue learning the Sabai way!


This was the best CE course I’ve ever taken. I left ready to start practicing each day. The visual aids provided to take home made a big difference. I will be adding Thai to my practice and 100% recommend this course. It changed my whole approach to massage.


Was one of the most informative, organized, and digestible classes I have ever taken. Great PowerPoint and handouts. I feel like I learned a TON but somehow am not overwhelmed. I can already feel a positive difference in how I feel in my body while working. Living Sabai is amazing!

~Caitlyn O

Class exceeded my expectations. I felt like I was able to learn and have any questions answered and it was in a safe and comfortable environment. I feel like everything learned will be easy to incorporate into my practice. I highly recommend this course it teaches fantastic body mechanics and is more beneficial to client and therapist.


Jill’s passion for both Thai bodywork and the Thai culture beams brightly! She communicates with clarity, conciseness, and elaborates when needed. I appreciated the anatomical terminology also. The best CE I have taken hands (and feet) down.


Thai Massage Instructors


Thai Massage Training FAQs

Do I need to be physically fit, young, or flexible to attend your Thai massage training?

Not at all. We offer modifications for most physical limitations. Practiced properly (which we will teach you) Thai massage is very easy on the practitioner. We have loads of examples of our students that entered our Thai massage training program with an issue (bad knees, thumbs, wrist issues, and more) and improved these issues by practicing Thai massage. It is one of our biggest “whys” for teaching Thai massage. You can actually improve your physical health by practicing Thai massage!

Read this article that we were featured in that discusses this topic: Massage Therapy Journal Summer 2014

Do I need to be a licensed massage therapist to take your Thai massage training?

Not exactly…Our Thai Massage Trainings are primarily geared towards licensed massage therapists. We occasionally accept non- massage therapists under certain conditions. You can take our Thai Massage training if you have another license to touch such as physical therapists or occupational therapists. You can also take our trainings if you only plan to practice on family and friends and not accept any compensation for the Thai Massages you perform. In order to accept any form of compensation you must have a license to practice massage in your state. The onus is on the individual to know and adhere to the laws in which they reside.

I am a yoga teacher. Can I perform Thai massage after your Thai massage training?

In most states, NO. In our base state of North Carolina, the law is clear, yoga teachers can not practice Thai Massage. You need a valid massage license to practice Thai Massage.

Do I need to have a Thai massage mat to attend your Thai massage trainings?

No, we provide Thai massage mats to use at our trainings in you can not bring one. We also have our own line of premium Thai massage mats for sale at a discount during classes. If you can’t get a Thai massage mat right away we recommend starting with the Thai massage 3 day intensive course as about 75% of what we do in that class can be adapted for a massage table.