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Spacious…82 inches long and 53 inches wide (perfect for tall clients and side-lying work!)
Portable… Has a durable carrying strap and buckles to keep it rolled up when not in use.
Easy to clean/ disinfect… Unlike its cloth and kapok counterparts, this canvas and foam mat can be wiped down between clients to disinfect and sanitize. Simply use any non-toxic gentle anti-bacterial/ anti-viral cleanser.
Built to last… Exterior is waterproof canvas, core is closed-cell foam. You will use this mat for many years to come! Super comfortable to give and receive on.
Feel Good Purchase… Our Thai massage mats are handmade with Love by an all women team in Asheville, NC.
Available in Royal Purple, Teal or Burgundy.

12 reviews for Thai Massage Mat

  1. Heather R

    Love my mat! It’s so light-weight and comfy. Great job! Heather R Indian Trail, NC

  2. Fenny

    The best mat i have used by far! I practice Thai Massage since 2009 and this mat is comfortable for both the practitioner and client, it is durable (very important) and is so easy to carry on the go! This is my mobile mat when i need to take with me. I have 3 Mats at our wellness retreat and this is our favorite 🙂

  3. Dean Hebert

    Love this mat. It’s lite weight, durable and comfortable. The quality in the craftsmanship is top notch and I know I will not be needing another one anytime soon.

  4. Melina Piluras

    I love the thought, love, and care that went into the design and making this mat. It is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to clean. I love the teal color – it reminds me of jewels.

  5. Billy Hardwick

    I got my mat yesterday! It’s gorgeous! I love it !!!!! It’s like a really nice version of my old mat. Feels so much better than the other alternatives ( narrow and tall nrgs). I’m really impressed. Billy- Nashville TN

  6. Diana Stemkowski

    I love that it’s so easy to transport. I’ve only been using for the last 4 months but I already know it’s comfortable for me and my clients.

  7. Samantha Adams

    This mat is Amazing! It is so easy to transport and set up. I’ve been doing Thai massage for about 5 months and all my clients love receiving it in this mat! They all say it is extremely comfortable.

  8. Jess McCauley

    I love my mat! It’s beautiful, durable, and extremely comfortable. Lightweight and portable too. I can’t imagine ever wanting or needing another mat. It also has an absolutely lovely creation story.

  9. Susan Good

    This was the best investment I’ve made in my Thai massage practice so far! It’s the perfect firmness for me so my knees stay happy, and my clients feel very comfortable. The size is great, allowing me to move around my client freely and still be on the mat. Also, I find stretchy queen size fitted sheets fit well (especially jersey knit.) Best part is, it’s SO light, rolls up nicely (with straps and buckles attached), and fits perfectly in the back seat of my car. Thank you, Jill!

  10. Linda

    I love this mat so much. It’s big enough. Its well constructed. I love that it has the straps attached to easily carry with me everywhere.

  11. Beth

    This is the best Thai mat on the market and besides Living Sabai CEs, it’s the best investment for my Thai mat massage practice. Each time I unroll this beautifully crafted mat I am reminded of the sacred work we do and living the Sabai-Sabai way. Also, purchasing this mat is in line with my values of supporting a woman-owned business who supports other women in her community to make this mat. The quality and customer service is enough to purchase this mat, but a portion of the proceeds is donated back to Hill Tribe Villages in Thailand. I think I filled the karma bank up 3-fold!
    This mat allows me to have a table and mat business in one studio – I simply roll up the mat and hide it behind a screen in the corner or keep it under my table. I’m so happy and grateful.

  12. Brittany McNair (verified owner)

    This matt is amazing! I have to carry my matt up stairs and this is so easy and light weight. Its comfortable, easy to work on and easy to roll up with a great latch and strap. Also u can wash it off! I am so pleased! Side note, customer service here is so kinda and informative.

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