Teacher Assistant Role

Thank you for assisting us in the upcoming workshop! Teacher Assistants (TAs) play an important role in a class running smoothly for the teacher and all participants.


  • Arriving at 8:15am to assist with setup.
  • Getting students signed in and situated in class.
  • Being a demo body or partner as needed.
  • Taking photos of the workshop per instructor’s direction.
  • Selling retail items during breaks and lunch.
  • Keeping the classroom neat and clean.
  • Staying after on the final day to help with breakdown/cleaning.
  • Plan to stay at least 30 minutes.

TAs do not pay to participate in the workshop, nor are you paid.

TAs receive CE credits as well as a certificate for the class.

If you have committed to TA a workshop and are unable to attend, you agree to give Living Sabai at least 30 days notice.

We look forward to having you in class!