The word “sabai” comes from Thailand. It is one word that means many things: ease, sense of peace, health, well-being, no worries.

The Living Sabai School of Thai Massage wants all of these things for our students.

Living Sabai is really a life-long learning community and support network for massage therapists committed to career growth and personal wellness.

In short, we are saving our student’s bodies and transforming their practices. We would love for you to join the Living Sabai family.

Through our hands-on, in-person training and study abroad programs, we are providing our students the secret to massage career longevity, fulfillment and happiness through Thai Massage.

Thai Massage Trainings

6 hands-on CE classes offered in North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

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Thai Massage Mats

The perfect Thai Massage Mat offering portability, durability, spaciousness and comfort.

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Study In Thailand

Study Abroad adventures to Chiang Mai, Thailand for advanced Thai massage students.

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Praise From Our Tribe

I would highly recommend this course to others. When we put all the pieces together it was like a lightbulb clicked on! I learned so much more than I originally anticipated and am excited to heal myself while also helping my clients!

J Wood

It is obvious how passionate Jill is for Thai massage. I love how calm her approach is to this beautiful modality. This class exceeded my expectations and was the perfect intro to Thai massage. I liked how informative but simplistic the course manual is and how Jill guided us through each section with demos. This class also helps therapists work on bettering their body mechanics. I already love stretching my clients and will now have more tricks in my bag!

Heather B

Jill is awesome in her profession. I couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable instructor. After having major back surgery a year ago I have seen the improvements made to my sessions by incorporating Thai with my clients. I would recommend this course to other to help extend the life of the therapist and improve balance in each client.

Augustine R

This class was transformative for me and my practice. Absolutely the best course for my somatic practice, where I work with trauma. All of the information was easy to follow - Jill explained everything with grace. I have already recommended this course to other therapists!


I am confident that this material will enhance my current practice. The techniques I’ve learned didn’t fatigue me as much as deep tissue would, and the Thai I received during the workshop felt like deep tissue in my neck! This course met and exceeded my expectations.