Thai Massage Training at Living Sabai

Hi I am Jill Burynski, founder and CEO of Living Sabai. I have dedicated my life to improving the lives and careers of massage therapists. And as a massage therapist myself since 1998, I have personally experienced all the struggles you might be feeling yourself.

I spent 10 years working in the spa industry so I know firsthand the long hours, aching body and  pay-check-to-pay-check life too many massage therapists are living.
This is probably not what you imagined when you enrolled in massage school.

The good news is, it can be different.

Since 2009, we have helped more than 4,000 massage therapists transform their careers and achieve their dreams through our Thai Massage training program and Thailand study abroad trips, and I would love nothing more than for you to be our next success story.

We will teach you the secret to career longevity through the body mechanics and mindfulness approach of Thai Massage. Practiced properly Thai Massage is equally beneficial for both the giver and receiver.

Additionally, the demand for Thai Massage is at an all-time high so specializing in this modality will set you apart from your peers and position you for success.
Don’t let another day go by feeling unsatisfied in your career. You deserve to thrive in every way.

Join us for a class, the whole program, a trip to Thailand or more. The career you imagined is waiting for you and we are ready to help you get there.
Start your journey to success today. Join our Living Sabai family.


Living Sabai Thai Massage

Thai Massage Training

Our Thai massage training program is made up of 5 unique CE classes. You can take our Thai massage classes in any order* and on your own timeline, according to your schedule and budget. Our Thai massage training classes are suitable for all levels so we welcome massage therapists with no prior Thai massage training and those who have studied with other schools. Each class in our training program provides a thorough foundation of theory and history and a proven method of hands-on practice so you leave ready to add Thai massage to your menu of services.

For those who want to go deeper with their Thai massage training , we offer an Advanced Thai Massage Certification and an annual Thailand study abroad trip .

(*The Master Class is the only class with prerequisites.)

Living Sabai Thai Massage

Thai Massage Mats & Products

We believe having the proper equipment for your practice is so important. After years of searching for the best Thai massage mat, we designed and manufactured our own. The Living Sabai Thai massage mat combines key features — portability, durability, spaciousness and comfort. Our Thai massage mat is ethically-sourced and manufactured in Asheville, NC;  5% of proceeds from sales go directly to aid Hill Tribe Villages in Northern Thailand. Our Thai massage mats are also perfect for Shiatsu massage & our students love them! ( Check out our Thai massage mat reviews to read feedback from previous customers .)

We also offer a number of other massage tools to enhance your massage practice. All tools are made in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Living Sabai Thai Massage