“Jill proved to be very knowledgeable knows how to communicate the material in a very calm and specific way.”

Client Name : Lilian M. Ruizde-Porras

“Jill’s thai massage class was a great addition to my ‘tool box’ and very beneficial to the therapist’s physical well-being.”

Client Name : Student evaluation

“Jill is quite the teacher! Her understanding and education of thai massage is very evident in her class curriculum & professionalism.”

Client Name : Student evaluation

“Jill’s class was extremely well-organized . The teaching method was very effective explanation of Thai massage history was very helpful & informative.”

Client Name : Student evaluation

“Jill is very knowledgeable about the modality [Thai massage] from the history to the benefits…and made the class enjoyable as well.”

Client Name : Yolande J. Adams, myland.massagetherapy.com

“Jill was fantastic! Very informative and she explained clearly and felt very comfortable with the information.”

Client Name : Student evaluation

“Jill was great at connecting the movements and creating a great flow in the class. I expected an intensive introduction to Thai, and I got exactly that. I learned a lot.”

Client Name : Jessica Johnson

“Jill’s class will help me incorporate techniques that are less stressful on my body and more effective for my client.”

Client Name : Student evaluation