Goods from Thailand



    Thai Herbal Massage Balm 

    Handmade in Thailand, this amazing massage balm is excellent for deep tissue work, pain relief, and spot treatments. Ingredients: Sesame Oil, Clove, Turmeric, Plai, Camphor, Eucalyptus, and Menthyl salicylate. 75g jar

    The Balm



    Rosewood Reflexology Tool

    Save your hands with this “magic wand”. In Thailand, healers believe that wood that is specially chosen and blessed amplifies the healing power of your hands. Great for reflexology and deep tissue work.





    Thai Massage Mat

    Spacious…82 inches long and 53 inches wide (prefect for tall clients and side-lying work!)
    Portable... Weighs less than 15lbs. Has a durable carrying strap and buckles to keep it rolled up when not in use.
    Built to last… Exterior is waterproof canvas, core is closed-cell foam. This mat will be resistant to almost any thing you can think of, water, sweat, oil, mold, even UV rays. You will use this mat for many years to come!
    Super comfortable to give and receive on.