Welcome to Living Sabai!

Here at Living Sabai we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of Continuing Education for Massage Therapists. We believe that to ensure a long and fulfilling career therapists must have a healthy body and a balanced life. That is why we are called Living Sabai. Sabai is the Thai word for well being and happiness. Living Sabai is what we are all about and practicing Thai massage brings as much benefit to the practitioner as it does for the client. Please look around our website which explains a history of Thai Massage and dates and times of our upcoming classes.

About Jill Burynski

Jill has been working in the field of holistic health and alternative medicine since 1992. Jill’s career in bodywork began in 1996 after receiving her level II Reiki certification. By 1998 she was a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist graduating from the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL. In 2001 she received her certification .........

What Is Thai Massage?

Nuad Bo Rarn, literally translated as “ancient massage”, is a unique and comprehensive style of bodywork. Unlike its western counterpart, Nuad Bo Rarn, or Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor and the client is fully clothed. Thai massage combines acupressure, yoga and massage to create a truly holistic massage experience.........


“Jill, this course exceeded my expectations. I have been so lucky to have met you and taken your course. I’m so excited to learn more from you. Jill is patient, kind, and so knowledgeable but above all she loves what she does and it shows!”

“Thai Massage is a wonderful modality. It is highly effective, fun and easy; a really great addition to my practice”.